Forever a Friend

I knew the Outcome yet I could not prevent it
 For it was inevitable like death knocking at your door
He was a Predator stalking his prey
Keeping it away from any who might take it away
It was his prey only his
He was a wolf among his pack
One with honor and pride
But now he was different
If you looked in his eyes
All you could see was betrayal and pain
But most of all confusion
His thoughts were like papers on a student desk
His rough exterior is what hides his true emotions
But it wouldn’t last for that was only his first and weakest shield
I had warned him
I had tried to help him
But it was for naught
No one could stop him
Not his family, his friend or even his niece whom he loved
Now he was alone
He had Betrayed everyone
To keep his prey close by
But for a price
A price that he wants back
His honor, he was spat upon like a hideous beast
His honor was his shield protecting his true colors
From his pack
His honor now tainted by the ones he welcomed into his home
By those he shared his beds with
By those he now despises and hates
By his own hands he dug his own grave
His loved ones tried to pull him away from the grave he dug
But nothing could be done
A protective leader turned into one of obsession
His downfall was imminent
Downed by a lesser wolf
No an honorable wolf
The two animals face off
Their eyes full of bloodlust
Their eyes were practically red with anger
Their bodies emitted murderous auras
Yet only one had a true intention
But none were willing to spare the other
In a moment it happened everyone dared to say a word
So now the curtain rises
The once honorable pack leader
Had now fallen lower than the insects of the earth
He was looked upon in disgust but yet in sorrow
He will be remembered as neither a man or a beast
But forever a friend

Author: victoriessite

My name is Titus or just call me Victor or vic which ever one you prefer. I am a 15 year old student studying in vietnam. Im in grade 9 and im loving it, i wanted to do something else aside from staring into the blank sky thinking about god knows what. This is my first time doing a blog so any form of criticism that is helpful i will be very thankful for. I hope you guys enjoy my work

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