Who am I?

This is the post excerpt.


I am just a young teen who wants to improve while also showing the world what I can do. I don’t want to sit back and let my friend and family do everything for me. I am a student at a school in Hanoi which is locatedĀ in Vietnam. I want to meet new people and grow with them. I don’t want to sit back and stare up at the ceiling all day. So I’m gonna make stories and poems to practice while also letting anyone view my work. I can’t wait to grow with you guys. Also here is a photo of the sun setting on the ocean right below this paragraph.



Author: victoriessite

My name is Titus or just call me Victor or vic which ever one you prefer. I am a 15 year old student studying in vietnam. Im in grade 9 and im loving it, i wanted to do something else aside from staring into the blank sky thinking about god knows what. This is my first time doing a blog so any form of criticism that is helpful i will be very thankful for. I hope you guys enjoy my work

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