My own Hell

Where the blood stains of the fallen

Will plague the trail I’m walking

Where the dead will walk

Is where the demons rise

In a world where wrong and Right

Aren’t black and white

Where the sun don’t shine

So praising the sun ain’t right

A barren world where the dead roam free

Where the dead roam free

Where freaks laugh

While the dragons fly

Across this barren wasteland

Where blood is stained across the sand

Where good intentions crumbles

Like the castles of old

While the demons rise

Like dragons of the new

Welcome to my home

A place I call my hell

A place I know very well

A place where a quick death

Means someone’s done you right

Since this is where

The angels come to die

Welcome to my own Hell


Author: victoriessite

My name is Titus or just call me Victor or vic which ever one you prefer. I am a 15 year old student studying in vietnam. Im in grade 9 and im loving it, i wanted to do something else aside from staring into the blank sky thinking about god knows what. This is my first time doing a blog so any form of criticism that is helpful i will be very thankful for. I hope you guys enjoy my work

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